Sunday, 17 February 2013

Guigal Cotes Du Rhone 2009, France (Syrah 45%, Grenache 52%, Mourvèdre 3% Alcl 14%)

Opaque, dark ruby red, the rims are purple. The nose is woody and of course possible to get red forest berries. But damson is there too. In the mouth, still damson is the dominant aroma, then plum and acidity is satisfying. Oaky notes like smoke comes out with swirling and some leather is possible to find. The spicy complex characteristics of Syrah and Grenache are definitely well performed in this bottle, with a high acidity. Fruit, acidity, oak, different aromas in a complex structure, everything is there for a good balance. This medium to full bodied lovely juice is not so special, not so close to perfection but definitely a great table wine with a warm moderate final by the alcohol. Anything you expect from a producer like Guigal, is in this bottle. I am not as professional as able to give drinking windows but I think this wine can wait  for some years without losing any strength, but not too long. For the next 5-6 years can be still very tasty, who knows maybe even better. The internet page of the producer says that it is possible to age 20 years. Interesting length for a table wine... Also the internet site has different grape percentages than given on ALKO´s internet site. With a great price-quality ratio, this wine is a great daily wine which can accompany to a big variety of relatively strong (not too strong!) dishes, mostly red meats, game and stews. If you think that French table wines are a bit overstated, this wine can change your mind. Enjoy it during a dinner with friends or family, as I did both, or even with some very light cheese, just enjoy the wine. Especially if you got lost in those hundreds of different bottles in the same price category in ALKO. Also I suggest you to learn about Guigal´s production methods and process. Interesting things wait you there.  92/100 Price: 12.98€/75cl/February 2013

May your glass be filled with happiness.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tarantino´s last food porn touch: Beer Scene in Django Unchained

Right now in Finland the last movie of Tarantino "Django Unchained", which has nothing political to say about the slavery of Africans in 19 century USA and very poor about giving messages on human rights, is in movie theaters and actually, a great movie for fun!

The movie is not the topic here, but a scene in there, makes it desirable. In the very beginning of the movie, there is a bar scene which the character Dr. King (Christoph Waltz) pours beer from the tap... All those foam coming out of the tap and running out of the glass, all the sound of liquid filling up the glass... Another food porn scene made me drink/eat during/after the movie... Just like the dessert scene in the director´s previous movie "Inglourious Basterds" where the character Colonel Landa (same great actor) gives a cream treatment to the dessert in the restaurant. I remember going to the closest bakery to eat some sweets after that movie.

Hopefully, someday Tarantino makes a restaurant movie in future where I will definitely have orgasm in my palate while watching.

Beer Scene Here: