Sunday, 21 April 2013

A trip to Summer

Summer never comes to Finland, if it is a bit warm, then it is extremely cloudy and rainy, or snowy; if it is sunny, then it is extremely windy and cold, you have no chance if you do not have your thick, heavy, big winter jacket. So a trip to another geography for winter-jacketless days is mandatory if you already live in Finland and want to feel again "alive".

So hopefully a trip to Italy next week, having some good wine, good food, sun warmth, then back to Finland full of wine-ish stories to write.

May your glass be filled with happiness, Cheers!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Petit Bourgeois Sauvignon 2011, France (Sav. Blanc 100%)

The color is light golden. First nose dominated by greengage and lemon. Second nose gives out mineral notes and green apple. In the mouth the acidity is very nice, the structure is rich, stone fruits like apricot and plums stand out. A very pleasant drinking. The final is long and delightful. Wet pebble stones, salidity... This wine has a nice minerality. It can handle creamy dishes, fatty fish, barbecue and stew chicken meals. It can handle a wide variety of cheese types too. It can even go with yoghurt based meze dishes and creamy vege-salads. A very food-friendly wine. 86/100 11,41€/75cl/April 2013

May your glass be filled with happiness.

Dominio de Punctum Tempranillo 2011, Spain (Temp 100%, Alch 13,5%)

Slightly opaque, light red on the rims. First nose is dominated by berries; blackberry, blueberry, rotten leaves, vanillin, soil. Legs are moderate. The second nose has blackcurrant, blackberry gets stronger, a hint of rotten meat, caper. In the mouth, acidity is satisfying, tannins are strong. The forest berries continue in the mouth too. A velvety, easy-drinking wine. Medium-bodied. You do not get the expected fist of Tempranillo punching right in the middle of your face, but all in all, it is a good wine to drink. The final is moderate and leaves a faintly sweet taste. A buttery-like feeling stays in the mouth but it is not buttery for sure. Rich in the mouth, elegant notes, nice to drink. Not a big surprise, but it is nice wine. It can fit to light dishes cooked in oven, the velvety texture can fit well with barbecued chicken. But it should be consumed as soon as possible, at the same time the bottle is opened. Because, it is a biodynamic wine so it doesn't have sulfites or has a very small percentage. So it is very open to the attack of oxygen. I have waited it in the fridge and tried next day, it was hardly possible to drink. 85/100 9,56€/75cl/April 2013

Chapoutier Rasteau 2010, France ( Grenache 80%, Syrah 20%, Alch 14%)

Opaque,  purple rims and ruby red in the mid. FIrst nose has vanillin, coffee with milk, dried orange peels. The legs are moderate. The second nose has both fruity and rustic characteristics; watermelon, sour cherry, blackberry, redcurrant, black pepper, caramel, biscuit and leather. The nose is not extroverted but rich. Tannins are very strong at the attack phase but integrated.  Medium-bodied. The red forest berries continue in the mouth too. This Cotes Du Rhone  has a very fruity nose but the tannic structure in the mid-palate gives a feeling like a typical Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is not for everyone and has a moderate-long final. It is a table wine and can fit a wide variety of dishes; stews, barbecues, even it can handle some light cheese types. The price-quality ratio is fine, a good everyday´s table wine. 85/100 Price: 15,95€/75cl/April 2013

May your glass be filled with happiness.

Masi Bonacosta Valpolicella 2011, Italy ( Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Alch 12%)

Light red transparent color with purple notes on the rims. The nose is a bit extroverted and fruity. Grape molasses and rose hip jam notes leaves the stage to wood, slightly leather and alcohol at the second nose. In the mouth some notes of damson and cherry, a bit dilute, tannins are strong but integrated. Acidity is satisfying. In time, it leaves the feeling of sour fruits on the palate. The short-moderate final is  fine. But overall, nothing so big, not a surprising wine. Even a bit industrial. But it is a food wine, it would fit well a wide variety of red meat dishes, could be drunk at home parties, picnics etc. The fruity notes of Valpolicella is there but not too deep. Try it as a table wine with food. The curiosity and qulaity of Masi wines are on parallel with the price. 84/100 Price: 10,90€/75cl/April 2013

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Masi Campofiorin 2009, Italy (Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Alch 13%)

Opaque, purple on the rims and dark ruby red in the mid. First nose: Cured meat, blackberry, fresh pepper, leather. The legs are thick and slow. Second nose is licorice, tobacco, slightly oregano and blackberry. This medium-bodied wine has strong tannins, rich and delicious as a bit out of usual. In the mouth, the licorice and red forest berry-aromas are strong while the notes of fresh green pepper, dried orange peels and slightly vanillin slowly get the stage. The moderate-long final is warm and under the alcohol effect.

This wine is like leaving a small gap for the cured meat, so it fits very well with the charcuterie products, "very light" cheese types, a nut cocktail made of almond, pistachio and walnuts, mushroom dishes cooked without cream, barbecued chicken and unspiced barbecued red meats without sauce. 88/100 Price: 14,99€/75cl/April 2013

Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring in Finland: Winter is coming? Time for some Red Wine?

The third season of Game of Thrones just started last week, meanwhile, since yesterday, it snows very much in Helsinki and also most of other parts of Finland just like in Christmas time, very much... A lot of snow... Surprisingly much... It has never been as Spring also, that sunny but always cold and the whole land frozen, but still I have been so excited for the summer coming, the best time to go to Esplanadi Park in the heart of Helsinki for a sparkling wine session with little snacks, as lunch or just spending nice time in the day watching other people doing the same and smiling, happy, "communicating, socializing". Some say that red wine is the drink of cold rainy winter days and Finland seems like decisive not to leave the atmosphere of a full-bodied strong red (I personally believe that any wine can be drunk any time). Did Robb Stark say " Winter is coming for Finland..."? It seems like... By the way, who is Robb Stark and why he talks about winter? Well you know if you watch Game of Thrones.

I guess there are so much days still to get to the Spring and for the last two years, Finland has one season missing, which is called Summer in southern countries, but if we are lucky this year, we can see a few  "Summer-like" days then Zbamm!!! Winter is back! Well, I like red wine :)

These two photos in this post have been taken just one hour ago, today, 8 April 2013...