Saturday, 26 January 2013

Verrocchio Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso 2010, Italy ( Corvina 70% Rondinella 30%, Alchl 13.5%)

Rims are crimson as a young wine and gets darker purple through the middle. First nose is very rich of aromas, intense and satisfying. The aromas like fresh fruits such as peach and cherry leave the stage to berry aromas after swirling, like raspberry, blackberry and a bit of leather follows them too. Vanillin is also sensed after some time and that can be a good hint for oak. This medium bodied wine loses nothing of fruity structure in the mouth, very rich and balanced. Even though the tannins create a bit dryness in the mouth, it does not effect the overall balance. With really low senses of tobacco and thyme come out during you enjoy the wine with a  relatively high alcohol content. But the alcohol is not breaking the balance. Tannins and alcohol do not fight against the fruit. You have a possibility of having different aromas in the nose slightly, for ex. green pepper in this almost elegant wine with a sweet-ish moderate final which makes you smile. A joyful day with friends or even alone while reading your book, this wine would be your accompany. I think it would fit a variety of dishes from white to red meats, fried or barbecued, as well as charcuterie and tapas/meze styles bites. Do not be afraid of cooling your wine for a while (usually people do not cool their red wines and also in Finland quite much restaurants serve reds very warm), especially this fruity one. No potential to age. When you decide to drink, no reason to decant, just drink as you open. 90/100 Price: 12.90€/75cl/January 2013 (Photo by Alko)

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